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Where does CBD come from?

August 19, 2018

How does CBD work.  We talked about the fact that CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant. But, where does it come from? CBD is extracted from the resin produced by the plant, more precisely by the female buds of the plant.


The female plants of CBD-rich strains will produce this resin in their blooming stage. Once maturity is reached, the plant will bloom, developing flowers that are covered with trichomes.


These trichomes look pretty much like tiny hairs, covering the flower buds, the leaves that are closest to the buds and in a lesser extent on the plant’s stem. These trichomes are covered by minuscule but many crystals of resin, a rather viscous and gooey substance.


So CBD is obtained from this resin, which can be extracted from the buds, leaves, or stem of the plant, although the highest quality resin and, respectively, CBD oil, comes from the buds of the cannabis plant and not from the rest of the plant’s parts.


The CBD content in the varieties increases

When researchers started testing cannabis about 3 or 4 years ago they saw virtually no high CBD plants. Almost every plant they tested was high in THC anywhere from 10% to 20% THC with some outliers on either end.


Some plants would have a 1% CBD at the max, one and a half percent CBD at the max. Now that they have been testing for a while we see anywhere from 8 to 15% CBD. And maybe 5 or 6 percent THC in these strains. In some strains we get a 50/50 ratio.


It can happen in in all different ratios but what it is, it’s a recessive gene in plants, so the breeders have to actively go and try and breed this back into these plants. And find these high THC plants that might have that high CBD gene locked away and bring them together and see what they find.


And really the only way you can know if it’s high CBD is to test it. With testing Growers and breeders having access to that knowledge base. We see them coming back and reversing some of the trends of the last 30, 40, 50 years and bringing the CBD back into the plant.


How is the CBD content determined?

There are two different ways you can test for cannabinoids. It’s either with an HPLC or with the GC. If you hear someone testing with other methods it’s probably not a scientifically validated method.


But the problem with the GC is, is that GC uses heat to test for these cannabinoids. And as said earlier, all the acidic cannabinoids are very sensitive to heat. So the GC can give you no information about the acidic cannabinoids.


It can only tell you about the Non Acid Cannabinoids. The heat is decomposing these compounds. It’s definitely decarboxylate all of them and you’re trying to measure it as these compounds are in a state of flux. And that’s just a kind of fuzzy.


So better to use the HPLC Method because it keeps the cannabinoids in their natural state. They’re in their liquid state. There’s no alteration. There’s no heat or anything like that happening.


And so we get a much more accurate and a much more realistic picture of what’s actually in the sample that it is tested.


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The Hemp Oil Benefits


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