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April 1, 2019

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Reiki Therapy

August 6, 2018


 Reiki is an energetic healing technique, that originated in the late 1800s, in Japan.    The idea of the dissonance of the energy sequence— within and around us— could result in psychological and physical issues.


This practice can be seen as massage therapy for someone’s spiritual and emotional energy. According to reiki.org, the sole function of Reiki energy is to heal. There are parts of this energy that’s controlled by nature and by human emotion. “Rei-“ can be described as the energy that creates all physical and functioning beings and objects. Sometimes “Rei” can be seen as a higher intelligence when translated from Japanese. “Ki-“ is the energy that some people can control. When a person has high Ki, they are in a safe spiritually and mental environment. This person may seem incredibly confident in themselves, giving them the ability to face harder tasks. Unlike a person with low Ki, whose mind is being diminished by their uncertainties on their abilities. They may start experiencing anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, and/or extreme stress. For clients with low Ki and physical pain, their pain tolerance decreases more and more. Having low Ki can result in problems with the stomach, lungs, and even the heart. 


Reiki practitioners focus on using their own Reiki energy to heal their clients. Using their hands, practitioners push this healing energy in areas where it’s needed. Sometimes they focus their energy on the chakras, which are the large areas of energy. Practitioners also focus their energy on the aura, the energy around the body, of clients.


Like any therapy session, it takes time to see results. Clients report feeling “refreshed” after feeling the “warmth” of the practitioner’s hands. Jed Shlackman, Floridian Reiki practitioner, says “results depend on the specific variables of the issue.” Clients who come on with “stress headaches” can automatically feel better after treatment, unlike someone who comes in with cancer. Shlackman specializes in psychological, pain, and health issues at Psycho Energetic Healing in Kendall.


Some positive side effects from Reiki are: 

  • Mental clarity 

  • Reduced stress

  • Reduced pain in areas treated

  • Balanced 

  • Energized










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