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Essential Oils for Summer

June 16, 2018

 Summertime brings with it an abundance of outdoor activities including everything from swimming and hiking, to cookouts, sports activities and camping. While there is much joy and fun to be had during these lazy, hazy crazy days of summer there is also much pollen, hot sun, heat and insects. For those who wish to go the natural route, essential oils provide chemical free solutions to many of these summer irritations.


Hours in the heat, humidity and sun that most of us experience in the summer months can lead to itchy, irritated skin that leaves us wishing for a way to cool our bodies down. A mixture of peppermint, eucalyptus and spearmint essential oils can do just that. Two to three drops of each oil mixed with a carrier oil such as almond oil, olive oil, coconut oil or sesame oil creates a cooling, soothing remedy for hot, sticky skin at the end of the day.


Sunburn is another consequence of those long hot summer days and a mixture of lavender, Roman chamomile and tea tree oils along with a carrier oil can bring instant relief to burning skin.

A sure way to know that summer has arrived is the smell of bug spray in the air. There is no question that summer brings with it plenty of mosquitos, chiggers and other insects that can cast some gloom on those happy summer days. Rather than using harsh, chemical bug sprays, essential oils offer a natural way to repel many of the season’s insects. Several drops of lavender, lemongrass and lemon eucalyptus mixed with a carrier oil and applied before going outside can prevent those annoying bites and stings. This mixture can be reapplied as needed. For a natural way to soothe the itch if those pesky pests do bite, or to soothe poison ivy, heat rash and other summertime itches, a mixture of lavender, eucalyptus, cajeput, German chamomile and tea tree oils, always with a carrier oil, can provide much relief.


If the summer months wreak havoc on your allergies, you are not alone. Allergies are a common problem during the hot summer months. There are several options when it comes to essential oils that can be used for allergy symptoms.  A mixture of cypress, lemon and rosemary can soothe the body and reduce the body’s reaction to those allergy triggers, when applied to the body directly or diffused in the air. Eucalyptus and marjoram can be effective in reducing respiratory reactions, opening up the breathing passages when rubbed on the chest. Lavender, peppermint, tea tree and eucalyptus are all effective as aromatherapy options for reducing allergy headaches and congestion. Combining an oil mixture with water in a squirt bottle makes a great spritz to take along on road trips, to the beach or camp outs.


Recreational activities are a wonderful way to spend time in the summer, bringing with them an increase in body aches, pains and sore muscles. Essential oils used is a massage blend can be a powerful natural tool for easing the pain from summertime activities. For this massage blend combine 15 ml of sweet almond oil with 4 drops of rosemary, 4 drops of eucalyptus and 2 drops of lavender. Not only will this massage blend bring relief for aches and pains, but the aroma can soothe any tension carried in the body.


Essential oils can provide natural healing for many of summer’s irritations and injuries but remember to use them responsibly. Oils are strong, and many can cause skin irritation if used on their own. Make sure to always combine with a carrier oil of your choice.



National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy. (2018). Summertime essential oils. Retrieved    from: https://naha.org/education/standards/

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