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April 1, 2019

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Reiki and the Chakras

March 4, 2018


If you want to relax quickly in a non-chemical manner, please try the Japanese alternative medicine called reiki. During the process of reiki, the practitioner lays their hands on oneself or on another individual. He/she recites the chants, cho-ku-rei and sei-hei-kei, while holding their hands on the chakras of one’s body. Reiki essentially means to ‘hold all powers of the universe.’  Its purpose is to act as a catalyst to channel the practitioner’s energies. (reikirays.com). The holds should last for at least ten minutes. A calming feeling will come over the practitioner as his or her nervous system becomes relaxed.


A practitioner can perform the laying of hands in any situation. I usually perform the alternative practice when I am stressed. I undergo reiki for ten mins and usually become in touch with God. I feel amazing and all of my social anxiety is relieved. An ‘unseen “life force energy” flows through us and causes us to be alive’ (reiki.org).


Reiki can also cure many illnesses or diseases. The last time I personally did reiki was a month ago, when I had a job as an oyster farmer. I was stressing out because we were moving really fast while loading oyster bags. I performed reiki on myself and calmed down tremendously. Afterwards, I began reciting spiritual poetry phrases to myself. I did not want to recite the phrases out loud for fear of being taken to an asylum, but the reiki effect had worked.


There are a couple of different levels of reiki. There is reiki 1, reiki 2, and reiki 3. Reiki 1 is performed on oneself, reiki 2 is performed on another person and reiki 3 is performed on another person from a distance. A practitioner says cho-ku-rei and/or sei-he-ki to himself under his/her breath. This will calm the practitioners’ chakras which are swirling wheels of energy in different parts of a human body. The chakras will help to stabilize the client. There are many different types of chakras.


The first chakra deals with survival and stability. The color associated with this chakra is red.  It correlates with the base of the sacrum. The second chakra deals with the color orange. It is associated with sexuality and creativity. It activates the energy center below the navel. The third chakra deals with fear. It is represented by the color yellow and corresponds with the stomach. The fourth chakra corresponds with love and compassion. It helps one to care more about other people. It is depicted by the color green. The fifth chakra correlates with blue. It helps to activate the throat and increase one’s personal voice. The sixth chakra is represented by the color violet.  It connects with the third eye. The seventh chakra is rendered by the color white. It is associated with the crown of the head and sparks a higher power to God.


The process of being given the power to perform reiki is done through a process called attunement. This process involves a reiki master channeling the reiki energy into the student allowing the student to perform reiki on himself or someone else. The fees usually cost from $250-$500. I recommend doing this, so you can become a healer too and see for yourself the healing powers of reiki!








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