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April 1, 2019

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“Essential Oils—Not a Cure, But an Aid”

January 16, 2018

Cancer is a scary realization. Not knowing what’s coming next is the hardest part, but knowing healthy alternatives or holistic methods of healing, along with necessary radiation or chemo, is a great comfort. Last week my mom was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer—but at a grade 3 level, meaning that it spreads more aggressively than other type of cancer. While she is planning on undergoing a double mastectomy to remove the present tumor and couple of lymph nodes, she has also turned to natural remedies including a change of diet and essential oils.


For Christmas our family received a diffuser with several vials of Doterra essential oil, a pesticide-free, completely organic brand of oils which is located in South America. This is one of the few essential oils brands which tests their bottles multiple times before sale. Since essential oils require hundreds of pounds of plant leaves for one small bottle of oil, having pesticide-free plants is essential for obtaining essential oils that are healthful and truly organic.


Essential oils are pulled from plant leaves, stems, or other parts of a huge variety of plants ranging from a frankincense plant to a cypress tree to a minty peppermint leaves. These oils which exist in all plants give each plant its unique scent. Blending different oils to make homeopathic remedies has existed for thousands of years, we know from as early as the Egyptians, who made good use of the healing properties of essential oils as well as to aid in their food preparation. In 1937 a French chemist named Rene-Maurice Gattefosse rediscovered these precious oils when he accidentally healed the hand of a wounded soldier with lavender essential oil.



Lavender essential oil is also particularly beneficial for breast cancer because it decreases mental anxiety which is breast cancer’s primary aggravator. Frankincense essential oil will prevent the formation of tumors and has been claimed to decrease already present tumors. Essential oils, although excellent for a healing process, are most effective for preventing illness or disease before they appear. Diffusing these oils at home or in the office, adding a few drops to bathwater, and rubbing directly on skin are all purely natural methods of maintaining good health without vaccines or doctor prescribed medications. They are fast and cheap ways to cure a child’s ear infection, ease nausea, provide a deep, dreamless sleep, and alleviating thousands of other day to day irritations. Although I know essential oils will not necessarily heal my mom’s breast cancer, they will aid in her stressful and painful journey ahead.

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