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April 1, 2019

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Finding Hope In Homeopathic Remedies


Chronic pain syndrome can be harsh and debilitating. It comes in a variety of dreadful painful feelings that last for days at a time. Chronic pain is a condition associated with a variety of illnesses such as,Spondylitis, Paget's disease, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia and several others conditions.


Most traditional Doctors, who treat patients with chronic pain, use narcotic painkillers, also known as opioids. However many times patients become dependent on those types of medicines, which result in addiction and sometimes leads to death. Moreover, people are starting to think out of the box and try new methods and techniques to rid them of the danger of falling into the dreadful trap of Opioid dependency.


Homeopathic medicine is becoming more and more favorable for people who are willing to take some of the responsibility to search out for answers to the causes of their pain.


"Most pain is caused from inflammation," said Cathy Uhl, CNSP at Nutrition World in Cabot, Arkansas.  "Fish Oils are good for inflammation," said Uhl.

 When customers come into her store looking for relief for chronic pain, Uhl says she recommends, Turmeric, (Curcumin). "If you want an actual homeopathic formula, then we would use Arnica Montana," she said.

Uhl,agrees that there are other homeopaths that are just as good like, Rhus tox,which is good for chronic pain associated with arthritis.


"Homeopathic is individualized," said Autumn Monk, who has been a practitioner of Homeopathic medicines over 25 years. "You look up the homeopathic remedy for whatever the illness is, that you are experiencing, then you look to the homeopathic remedies listed and read the symptoms," said Monk. "It's kind of like a self intuition," she said. "Then you pick out the best homeopath that best fits your symptoms".


Monk says the best part about homeopathic medicine is that you do not have to worry about side affects. "If it's something you need, it's going to do something," said Monk.


According to Monk, taking the right homeopaths can lead to positive results as quickly as within 24 hours.  "That's how you know the homeopath is doing something. Within twenty-four hours something changes. Your pain is different. It's maybe more localized, or less in one area. It changes somehow so you know something, is changing. You know you are on the right track," said Monk.


Monk says on the other hand, if the homeopath does not do anything within the 24-hour period then you should go back to the drawing board researching more about your illness.


Monk says homeopath is not the same as taking prescription medication.  "It's not a night and day difference where it just turns it off immediately after you get enough of it in you to create that pain block," says Monk.  "Homeopath doesn't work like that. It works sudden in time", she said.


Monk recommends a variety of homeopaths for chronic pain that include, Magnesium, and Probiotics for the overall health of individuals with chronic pain.  Moreover, she recommends that individuals who suffer from chronic pain associated with Spondylitis use Arsenicum Album to relieve the burning and needle like pain.


Homeopaths come in the form of some type of pellet or sublingual drops according to, Monk who also emphasizes the importance of staying consistent when taking the homeopaths.


"I found the best way to have someone take it is by putting it in their water and sipping on it all day because it turns the water into that homeopath', said Monk.


Monk believes as people rule out the fact that prescription drugs are not always the ultimate answer. They are not healed of their issues ultimately. "They are still having issues and so at some end of that spectrum, that person is going to embrace an idea to try something else because what they are currently doing and continuing to do is clearly not working", she said.  "It's like the explanation of insanity. Keep doing the same thing over again but expecting different results."


The beauty of Homeopathy is you can try it and it can’t hurt.  It's not like taking prescribed medicine where as you may be unknowingly allergic to that particular medicine and have a reaction to it or in some known cases, die. Homeopathic remediescannot do any damage. If it is something you need, it does help you. If it is something you do not need, it does not hurt you.


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